Benefits of hiring Vietnamese IT Developers

Benefits of hiring Vietnamese IT Developers - Appoint Ptd Ltd

Benefits of hiring Vietnamese IT Developers: An emerging market in South East Asia, Vietnam is fast becoming a place to do business. Offering many advantages it is becoming a place countries are often looking for recruiting talent developers to fulfill its work especially in the field of Information Technology or IT. Hiring Vietnamese IT Developers because:

Work force with many talent IT Developers:

With huge young population, over 60 per cent of Vietnam’s population is under 40, high literacy rate, about 96 per cent and stable political environment, Vietnam offers various advantages to hire its talented work force.

On top of this there are about 400 universities and colleges in Vietnam with about 15,000 graduating students yearly offering wide skilled talent pool to choose from. There are about 10,000 who are further graduating from colleges. Out of these graduating about 80% are science graduates.

Work force with Cheap Cost:

Developers who are on par with those others in the market but at a huge cost benefit is one of the greatest advantages Vietnam offers. For example, if you hire Vietnamese workforce you would be cutting almost 90% of your hiring cost in the USA. While comparing it with other developing markets like India, Vietnam still offers to hire at less than 30 per cent.

Stable Environment and Low Taxes in Vietnam:

The political environment in Vietnam is stable and the socio-religious environment is peaceful and it has a stable economy. All these allows for growth of industry in the country. It also means that chance of work getting disrupted through strikes, riots, and arson is completely absent.

This stable atmosphere means companies can do business, can travel to the country, and work out deals. This also means that when the work is outsourced to developers in Vietnam you are assured you would get the work done on time. Another advantage Vietnam offers is the low turnover rate. While other Asian countries have a turnover rate of anywhere between 10 to 20 per cent, Vietnam’s turnover rate is less than 5 per cent.

Vietnamese is becoming well versed in English:

Vietnamese work force is increasingly becoming well versed in English. And then there companies who are setting up base in Vietnam devoting resources in improving English language skills of the locals. This only means a well-rounded workforce available to companies for hire.

If you are hiring Vietnamese developers who would be managed by a Singapore company then you are reaping double benefits. On one hand you’ll get highly talented workforce working for you, on the other hand this work force would be managed and governed by stringent rules of a Singaporean company.

The work ethics and culture of the company would thus ensure that the quality of the work that is churned out is of highest quality. You would be guaranteed of the quality of the work without any delays except for in unforeseen circumstances.

Discipline, skill, dedication of the Vietnamese work force would compliment working with a Singaporean run company. This is because the Singaporean company would have stringent quality control checks, which would not allow any slack in the class of the work produced.

Want to get the best out of both the worlds? Hire Vietnamese developers and put them to work under Singaporean companies and you are going to get work that would have passed stringent quality check.

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